Daily Tarot: Wheel


The Wheel card affirms that my alter ego is an Observer Participant, whose superpower, uncertain opportunity, acts as huckster in a carnival ride of free will, motive and time by assuming roles of game host and player linked by chains of events, or to hedge bets against a Greater Fool. Anything goes. Everything counts. Fate, Luck or a "Cosmic Santa" of Fortune assigned by relative to preordained or random turns are subject to short-sighted cheats or social brands of justice. But it's my entitlement, input, fear, or anticipation along the chain that "spins" labels into gold or coal! Today is a chance to fix, stir or dip into the Quantum Soup, boiling six degrees of separation from connecting to enough, waiting for the Karmic bill or dessert to close the meal in hindsight. But to self-correct by priority I put it on my list, pay my dues by choice and can see it coming to pass full circle.

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