Daily Tarot: Empress


The Empress card affirms that my alter ego today is a Domestic Diva, whose superpower is to conceive, nurture or create potential by labors of love. I'm mother to natural conditions, ideals or invention and when I hold court, I please or preserve by need or design, depending on my mood or hunger. I liberate dramatic results to inspire devotion, or make them over according to my own story. Today then, I shall indulge the pleasure and luxurious comfort of some romantic repose or pamper a delicious obsession with room to enhance my standard or vision of beauty. I set aside trends or time to exhibit style and charm assigned by heartfelt passion or wild fantasy, but in true multi-task fashion, I also support the progress of other fertile interests now poised for payoff beyond reproach, so don't cross me in my enchanted garden or I'll let you have it -- that's a promise.

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